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Price for Custom Embroidered Patches

Best Price for Custom Embroidered Patches

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    Choose us for Custom Embroidered Patches ! We promise our prices are the lowest anywhere, on or off the Worldwide web.

    When determining the price of your Custom Embroidered Patches, there are several mainly things to know. They are factors as follow.

 Percentage of Embroidery Coverage
Patch size for Pricing

➤ Order Quantity

Special Options

If you have questions regarding our pricing, please feel free to call us at 1- (315) 6333683, or e-mail us at customer@youpatches.com

50%Embroidery Coverage


75%Embroidery Coverage


100%Embroidery Coverage


Percentage of Embroidery Coverage

      Percentage of Embroidery Coverage defines the amount of embroidery across the entire surface of a patch. We base our embroidery percentage upon three amounts: 50%, 75%, and 100%.

50% Embroidery means 50% or less of the surface area of a patch will be embroidered in thread;

75% Embroidery means more than 50% but less 100% of the surface area of a patch will be embroidered in thread;

100% Embroidery means the whole surface area of a patch will be covered in embroidery.

Special Options

Our special options ranges from iron-on backing, adhesive backing, Velcro backing, merrowed border, metallic thread to glow in the dark thread and more...

The prices listed to the right don’t include the cost for special options. We would charge an extra. For more details, please visit Special options 

Patch Size for Pricing

To determine your patch size for pricing, please add the height and width of your design then divide the sum by 2. The result is your patch size for pricing.


For example: the height of your design is 3" & the width is 6".
3" + 6"=9" divided by 2 = 4.5"
4.5"will be your patch size for pricing.

Order Quantity

As its name implies, it is the amount of patches you intend to order.
We have NO minimum. You are able to place an order with any number of patches.
Please Remember: the greater quantity will have a cheaper price.

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