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    YouPatch has won a great reputation from around the world, because we are trusted & reliable and we guarantee the
highest quality, excellent service and most favorable price for Custom Embroidered Patches.

    We have our own computerized embroidery factory which have been doing Custom Embroidered Patches since 2000 but
is in embroidery industry for around 20 years. With our own factory, we can always offer you the most competitive price
──factory direct price. We are your best choice, because of the followings Guaranteed !

    We employ highly trained, delicated and experienced digitizers and artists to work with you.    

    We apply the state-of–the-art embroidery machines.

    We apply strict quality control rules.

    We only use high quality textiles and high possible density of stiching.

    We offer free actual pre-production embroidered samples and unlimited edits.

    Additionally, to meet your full needs, we are available with iron-on backing, Velcro backing, adhesive backing, pin
backing, merrowed border, metallic thread, 3D embroidery, rhinestone, and more......

    Just feel free to contact us if you are interested in our service!

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