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Privacy Policy

    The privacy policy mentioned below entrusts upon the fact that YouPatch patches handles all the existing work and information, which was collected from the users. These policies applies to all the services and products which we offer. Please feel free to clear your queries, if there are any. Contact us either through email at customer@youpatches.com or call us at toll free no 1- (315) 6333683 .

Personal Identification Information:

    The information collected from the client’s end is highly confidential and maintained with utmost security. Any other form of personal details is collected for personal identification, if voluntarily submitted to us. Another way of getting to know the details when quote form is filled or an order is placed.

In case of any other requisites you will be requested to share your  name, phone number,and mailing address to process your order, though you will always have a choice of refusal to share any form of  identifiable information. And in doing so, you may be just prevented from using certain functions in the brand website.

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