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Special Options

Special Options

2021-04-15 05:20:13 Amu

Special Options & Charge

YouPatch is available with almost all of the popular patch options. If somehow you can not find something that suits your needs on the website, please send us an E_mail or make a call. YouPatch has lots of contacts here, and believes that we can help you out !


Adhesive backing---------Add 12% per patch                                                  Camoufage -----------------Add 10% per patch

Frayed edges--------------Add 10% per patch                                                 Pin backing---------------Add 12% per patch

Glow in the dark thread                                                                                   Swarovski crystal-------Add US$0.10/10 crystals

      -----Add 30% for 50% embroidery per patch                                             Vintage worn style-----Add 20% per patch

      -----Add 50% for 75% embroidery per patch                                             Neon thread-------------Add 10% per patch

      -----Add 75% for 100% embroidery per patch                                           Velcro-------Add 15% for one side, 25% for two sides per patch

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