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Welcome To YouPatch Wsebsite

A specialist in custom embroidred patches

YouPatch is a leading supplier for custom embroidered patches. We specialize in designing and manufacturing the finest custom embroidered patches from highest quality textiles at the most reasonable price. Since 2000, we have been creating custom embroidered patches for all walks of life like Companies, Clubs, Organizations, Airsoft, Paintball, Departments of
government like fire, police etc, Military, Motorcycles/Bikers, Boy/girl Scouts, Team Sports like karate, martial arts, and In memory etc.

Our customers keep Coming back again and again, because of our unique quality, friendly & effcient service and industry
low price.

What are FREE for every order as follows

FREE Shipping Door-to-door Worldwide and On Time

FREE Tariffs/Taxes

FREE Actual Embroidered Sample by e_mail

FREE set-up and unlimited edits if necessary,

FREE any shape and size

(Amazing:the max size of 20" Wide by 22" High)

What are Guaranteed!

High Quality---Guaranteed

8-10 Business Days Turnaround Time---Guaranteed

(We are available with rush service of around 6 days for turnaround time)


High-Stiches Density,Color-Resistance,Durable,Shining and Washble----Guaranteed

Best Price and Enjoyable Service---Guaranteed

The EASY steps of ordering custom embroidered patches

Step 1: Contact us with your order specifications by using our free Price Quote form or e_mailing at:customer@youpatches.com

Step 2: Approve the FREE price quote we provide by e_mail.

Step 3: Review and approve the proof the Actual Embroidered Pre-production sample we show by e_mail.

Step 4: Once you approve the sample, pay for your order.

Step 5: After we receive your payment, patches can be delivered to your doorstep within 9 business days or less.

Other features you may be interested in

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